Oracle ADF – How To Create Master-Detail Relationships

adf master detail relationships

This tutorial will show you how to create master-detail relationships between view objects on the model layer. In this example we will create  multiple levels of parent/child relationships.   Before you start this ADF tutorial Before proceeding, make sure you have: An Oracle 11g database that is installed and running with the bisample … [Read more...]

How To Create A Basic OBIEE 11g Repository

Oracle BI tutorial on how to create 11g repository

This OBIEE 11g training tutorial shows you how to build a basic OBIEE repository before making it live for use by other developers. You will build it offline and then make it active at the end.   Before you start this OBIEE Tutorial Before you can drag and drop data, you will need: An Oracle 11g database that is installed and running … [Read more...]

ADF Tutorial | How To Program View Objects

Creating Navigation Panes Using A Menu Model - ADF Training

This simple demonstration allows you to access master views and drill down to their corresponding children. Before you start this ADF tutorial Before you proceed, you will need to ensure: You have an operational instance of Oracle 11g to work on. You have already installed the JDeveloper tools. You have appropriate system access … [Read more...]

ADF Tutorial | How To Drag and Drop Table Rows

The EMPTYPE entity which will be updated with drag/drop operations

Moving data between tables in your Oracle database can be time-consuming and labour intensive. This tutorial shows you how to configure your ADF environment to allow for drag-and-drop movement of data between tables, speeding the whole process up in future. In our example we will be using the HR schema. Before you start this Oracle ADF … [Read more...]

Austin Python Meetup Groups

Image Credits: Wikimedia

Back in 2008, a group of passionate Python programmers in Austin decided to come together to discuss and debate around topics related to the software programming language called Python. They formed the Austin Python Meetup Group on April 14, 2008 with three founding members and organizers - Peter Wang, Robert Myers and Travis Swicegood. The … [Read more...]

How To Install Python XY For Windows

Starting the Python XY download

If your programming projects ever require any kind of enhanced mathematical or scientific functions, you will probably need to install an additional library. This tutorial will guide you through the process of installing the Python XY toolset on your Windows computer. Before you start Before you can install Python XY, you need: A Windows … [Read more...]

Oracle Tutorial | Oracle SQL Data Dictionary

The sqlplus logon

SQLplus provides several powerful tools and methods for accessing and manipulating the data stored in your Oracle database. This tutorial will take you through the basics of using the tool to access table metadata from the command line. Before you start Before you can use SQLplus to access data you will need: A working instance of … [Read more...]

How To Configure Oracle ADF Data Sources

Creating Navigation Panes Using A Menu Model - ADF Training

Oracle ADF data sources provide a convenient framework by which to query data from your applications. ADF settings can be exported and zipped for easy transfer and re-use in different JDeveloper environments. However you need to know how to configure ADF settings where server or database name, or to troubleshoot connectivity problems with your … [Read more...]