Taking a Java Training Course Looks Good for Your Future in 2013

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A Good Year Ahead for Java Training Courses

Java Training FireboxJava has not been having a great time of late. From being one of the top programming languages in the world, it has gone down to being a potentially dangerous program that the government has asked every user to block in their browsers. The reasons for this might be varied but since the dawn of 2013, Java seems to be showing signs of recovery. After all the security struggles and lack of impetus on the part of its parent company, Oracle, Java finally seems to be gaining some traction. If you are taking Java training classes, there is no reason to panic that it is going to be a waste. Signs are pointing to a longer life for Java and Oracle is looking for ways to keep them around.

Upgrades Planned to Make Java the Web Development Standard

According to reports, there are numerous upgrades that Java is set to receive in the coming months. These upgrades will ensure that Java will be back as the most widely used programming language in the world. The upgrades are planned for both the standard Java development platform and the enterprise Java edition.

The Java Development Kit 8 will supposedly have support for both JavaScript and multi core processing. Also, the Enterprise Edition 7 for Java will support the latest standard, HTML5 WebSocket communications and will also be capable of supporting RESTful Web Services 2.0. All these updates will again take Java to the pinnacle of the Web programming ladder and make it the web standard.

Cloud Support

While that is part of Oracle’s plan to revamp Java, the other part includes the long term goals of Oracle. Oracle holds the trump card, the future of technology, namely cloud computing. Using this, Oracle plans to integrate cloud support for Java in the future. Adding cloud computing support with Java will go long way in ensuring the future of Java, one of the best ever programming languages invented.

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