Android Training Can Lead to Gaming Apps

A Summary of Game Development Using Android

Android devices are very common in today’s world. As this evolution continues, manufacturers are coming up with Android devices that are very capable and equipped with fast processors, sufficient RAM, storage space, larger screens, etc. To support this, the latest versions of Android operating systems, 4.0 and 4.1 are extremely capable. To help insure you are successful with your newly developed gaming application, a group of developers have recently come up with an innovative approach to develop Android games.

Android app programingWith the advanced hardware and software, people love to play a lot of games on their Android devices. The Google Play Store is filled with a number of games that you can download and play, but many users have a desire to develop games of their own. This may not be something that they teach in your Android training classes, but game development is not a very complex process either.

Steps Involved in Android Game Programming

Playing games might be a very simple exercise but developing it is anything but simple. There are a number of factors that you should keep in mind while developing the game. Also, you need a theme, a story line and the order you are going to develop the game layout and progress. This is a process that requires a lot of creativity. You might want to solicit creative input from others as well, as they might be able to provide a different perspective to the outlook of the game.  Feedback is invaluable in your creative process of game creation.

Game Development Cycle

As a programmer, you can divide the cycle of game development, especially Android game development, into four basic steps. The first step obviously involves programming in Linux. Linux is an operating system that supports Android programming the best, but also has a number of features and IDEs that facilitates Android game development. The next step is to design the basics of the game. Once you start, you will understand that all games are similar to each other. In complex games, only the number of cycles and the UI is what differs.

After the game basics are designed, you have to write the code in Java programming language. The Java code should then be ported to Android. The last step is to port the Java code using some of the basic Linux tools. This will complete your Android game development cycle.

Pay Attention to Game Design Basics

One of the most common pitfalls in game designing is that you might end up with a game that is very complex or not enjoyable. This arises not due to the incompetence of the programmer in terms of coding. This is a result of not enough attention being given to the development of game basics.  This again is why the creative process and initial game design and feedback is so important.

If you are new to game development, it is recommended that you start with something small before you dabble with more complicated games. A “scroller” game or a puzzle might be a good place to start. This will give you a basis on which you can further develop your games and consequently, the challenges that you are going to pose to the players.

Programming in Java

Java is an object oriented programming language that will help you in writing code for fairly simple to very complex applications. If you don’t know Java, you can learn it by enrolling for online Java training classes. There are certain sites that offer this facility without charging you anything. All you need is motivation and desire to learn the programming language.

It is a well known fact that if you can code in Java, you can port that easily into Android without any hassles. That is the reason why a major portion of your Android training classes will involve brushing up on Java programming concepts and its innovative usage. One of the things that you should keep in mind is to never jump into programming in Java unless you have completed the previous steps comprehensively.

‘Advanced Basic’ Linux Programming Tools

There are a few tools like the Open GL, GIMP and GCC that you can use to make the transition from Java to Android easy. Although you might find it challenging initially, this is a quintessential step in Android programming, not just Android game development. So make sure that you take the assistance of experts, wherever available, to ensure that your transition from Java to these Linux tools is smooth.

Giving the Finishing Touches to the Game

One of the reasons why the previous steps are so important is that you have to change the source code if there is any problem with the game. After you are done with the game development cycle, make sure you run it on an Android device to check its performance. Minor bug fixes and graphic problems can be fixed during this process. This is the final step in your Android game development endeavor. After this, you can release the game online and on the Google Play Store.


  1. Joseph says

    I echo those facts. App game development, no matter what platform it may be on, is no simple tasks. I mean, you have to account for all possibilities and user interactions. That is enough to make you pull your hair out. That has been my limited experience with Flash game development. You have to go over the code time after time and each time you do, it seems you think of one more scenario.

  2. Sandra says

    You certainly need a good training program if you are going to develop game apps in the most efficient ways. I guess that means learning how to map out the creative aspects of the game before writing any code. I know this from doing web development. I can’t tell you how many times in my early years of web development I used to dive into the code and then have to redo / tweak it.

  3. Victor says

    Oh boy don’t let my son see this he will go nuts trying to figure out how to tale this training not for the expertise it will offer for the android and all of it’s features but simply for the gaming app that you speak of. Thank you for posting this information I appreciate it and look forward to your next post, keep up the good work.

  4. William says

    I have a real appreciation for the diligent work that app developers have because you can’t develop a complex interactive application without methodical, careful code writing and extensive testing. You have to play out countless scenarios in your specs in order to account for each possibility and then write scripts to account for the reactions that users may react with. If you don’t the user could wind up stuck in a loop or dead zone.

  5. Charles says

    This was very enlightening. You hear a lot about how exciting a career game developing is in those technical college TV commercials, but you can’t realize what really goes into developing anything from a simple app to a more complex game. It clearly takes a lot of careful planning and discipline. It does not surprise me that Android has become the platform of choice. The market for Android phones is huge.

  6. Bernard says

    This was an interesting look into the process of app development. Among the issues that programmers have to consider when developing apps are things like the fact that both developers and the companies that employ them are finding that building applications in the cloud saves time, but concerns remain about security and uptime, according to a newly released study. It is an important consideration to be sure.

  7. Gino says

    Frivilous apps aside, the most useful app I’ve encountered is called, KillBackground. It’s a free Cydia tweak for jailbroken iPhone/iPad users that lets you instantly close or “kill all of your backgrounded apps that sit in the multitasking App Switcher/Drawer. You can invoke KillBackground by turning on the optional kill switch in the settings or by setting an Activator method of your choosing.

  8. Thomas says

    I’d say that game development within the Google android mobile phones is growing quickly among the android users. The same goes for the quantity of iPod, iPhone and iPad apps, which are increasing by the day. So are the numbers of iPhone developers. Even school going kids have turned into iPhone developers of popular games and earning revenues. I think I may want to get in on this trend.

  9. Silvana says

    Google has made revolutionary changes in the market as far as applications of smart phones or tablet PCs are concerned. They have become very popular in a short span of time and their popularity is increasing continuously throughout the world. I would like to know if it is true that some game app platforms are open source. I heard from some people that some game apps are in fact customizable.

  10. Tony says

    I know that web development (when you are customizing elaborate templates or working with databases) can be quite nerve racking and frustrating at times. So I can only imagine how much more challenging it can be to develop a game app. I would not want to embark on a career doing that, even though these Firebox training courses make it easier to learn.

  11. Victor says

    I read a tech story about an app development company that established a twitter page and it promises to be a rich source of information to stay on top of the development of their games. Members of the development team are tagged with their progress, to keep track of who is tweaking the company’s exciting new apps. Still, you can’t learn enough from Tweeting. You must take a full course or hire someone.

  12. Helen says

    I am always fascinated when I look at certain video games – those that have cinematic quality graphics with great detail on the weapons and armors of the characters. For me, that is what makes it fun for me because I can easily see myself as the character in all that cool gear. I wish mobile app games could be that rich in detail.

  13. Mary says

    I think the last thing we need is gaming apps. we have enough problems with kids today in school and when it comes to young adults finding a job because they want to do nothing but play games. I am not for apps like this because they need to unplug once in a while and just use their imagination as children they need to go out side.

  14. Thomas says

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  15. Carla says

    I always find it interesting to learn about the process of developing a game app because it seems to me that programming a game is much more difficult than developing a standard type of app. You have to anticipate lots of different scenarios that result from each user’s interaction with the game. I guess that is why it takes a team of developers to make a comprehensive caliber game app.

  16. Jennifer says

    Even if you’ve already created an app for the iPhone or iPad before, you may have noticed that it is very tough to get a ton of downloads without the right kind of marketing approach. Most new iOS developers get only a handful of downloads if they’re lucky, but it’s certainly not going to be enough to make a decent residual and automated income on the App Store.

  17. Jeff says

    I have been seeing training courses on DVD which claim that In just four weeks, you can create applications and monetize them in the Apple Store or other platforms. These guides contains both Videos and PDF documents with step-by-step instructions. So you get the necessary tips, tricks, and techniques to successfully earn huge incomes from your mobile applications. My point is that it seems like app development isn’t too complex.

  18. Hubert says

    The popularity of game apps has inspired many young kids to believe that they can create good games, without understanding the basics of app development. As a result, there are many young enthusiasts who have been delving into this arena thinking that game developing is as simple as game playing, only to learn the harsh reality when their ambition turns into a disaster.