Pittsburgh Python Training Courses

Take Python software development training courses in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.Are you looking for Python training courses in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania metro area? We can do that.

Firebox offers, live, instructor-led on-site, online and in classroom Python training courses in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region. Firebox delivers on-site Python training classes at client sites throughout the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania metro region. If you have a group of four or more students, we can deliver a customized on-site Python training course at your office location. Additionally, we occasionally offer classroom style Python training classes, when the demand from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region calls for it. Please request a group training quote today.

For individuals seeking Python training courses in Pittsburgh, your best option is to consider our live, instructor-led online Python training classes. We tend to offer and run more live, instructor-led online Python courses for individuals seeking to expand their Python skills.
All students in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania taking Python training receive expert live instruction with plenty of Q&A time, printed course material, and a Certificate of Completion.

  • Want to learn more about Python technologies?
  • Need to discover some Python tips and tricks?
  • Ready to get your Python questions answered by experts?

Python Training for Individuals in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Live Instructor-led
  • Early enrollment discounts
  • Ideal for individuals learning Python programming in Pittsburgh
  • Take the course at home or at your office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Live engaging Python instructor, not a video.
  • Live, hands-on labs and exercises
  • Python class runs 8AM – 4PM MST
  • Python training classes are typically 50% lecture and 50% hands-on lab exercises and Q/A
  • Instantly ask the instructor Python programming questions – verbally or via chat box
  • Course material arrives 5 to 7 days before class
  • Small breaks after every chapter, plus one hour lunch

Python Training for Groups in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Ideal for groups of 5 or more
  • Live onsite instructor-led training for your group in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Customized Python training available at your request
  • Live online instructor-led training for your private group is also an option
  • Save – economies of scale compared to individual enrollment
  • Choose your training dates
  • Each student is provided course material
  • Lead time: courses can be booked 3 to 4 weeks from training date authorized by client
  • Breaks as needed, plus one hour lunch

Python Training in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for Groups and Individuals

Introduction to Python Programming - PYT100 - 3 daysView Course Details

Individuals start with the Python programming basics of writing and running Python scripts and then move on to more advanced Python programming features such as file operations, regular expressions, working with binary data, and using the extensive functionality of Python modules.

Not on public schedule. Request a class date

Advanced Python Programming 2.x and 3.x - PYT200 - 3 daysView Course Details

The Advanced Python 3-day training class covers topics from basic syntax to more advanced topics such as metaclasses and includes the syntax for both Python 2 and 3. Advanced Python training course provides participants intermediate/advanced level topics of using the Python programming language and introduces the Python Standard Library.

Not on public schedule. Request a class date

Python Training Bootcamp Intro to Advanced - PYT300 - 5 daysView Course Details

If you want to learn Python from beginning to end, choose the 5-Day Python Training Bootcamp. This Python training course include coverage of language fundamentals, use of the built-in data types, dynamic data typing, object-oriented features, creation and use of modules, and beginning-to-advanced function handling. An emphasis is placed on Python class design and best practices.

Not on public schedule. Request a class date

Python Programming Training for Scientists, Engineers and Analysts - PYT400 - 5 daysView Outline & Register

This course focuses on specifically on the Python, NumPy, SciPy, SymPy, and other specific skill areas scientists, engineers, statisticians and mathematicians need to work with crunching data, manipulating arrays, performing statistical calculations, and plotting results.

Next class: August 11, 2014

Python for Scientists - PYT450 - 3 daysView Outline & Register

This course is for experienced Python programmers that need to use Python to work with crunching data, manipulating arrays, performing statistical calculations, and plotting results.

Next class: August 18, 2014