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Python has quickly established itself as one of the most flexible and widely used object oriented programming languages these days. The rapid expansion of the Python programming language is no big surprise due to its ability to work in many different environments and the overall utility and ease of use.  Learning Python online is also very easy and straight forward!

Firebox Training offers a complete selection of Python training courses from beginner to advanced.  Check out a few of our video training tutorials below.

Firebox Python courses are always inline with current practical applications and incorporate real world examples.  Our instructors are active and seasoned veterans with many years of real world experience.

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Python Video Tutorials

Learn Python Programming

This video demonstrates how to install Python(x,y) with Spyder IDE on your Windows PC or laptop. The process of installation is quite simple and involves installing the Python distribution with all of the necessary libraries that are related to scientific computing. To install Python(x,y), first you might have to go to This is a […]

Python has been gaining a significant amount of popularity in recent days with the software being used in everything from complex game development, web servers to a range of other applications. Python has grown into a general purpose programming language and is well on it’s way to become an essential tool in any good programmer’s […]

Python for Beginners
This video demonstrates how to create your own python class and then use it from the main program. The video demonstrates this process using the Spyder IDE. However, you can use any Integrated Developer Environment or IDE for this purpose. The Spyder IDE comes bundled along with the Python XY distribution and if you are […]

python programming tutorial - create pydev module
Video Transcript for How to Install PyDev Plugin in Eclipse Introduction: In this Python training video, we will demonstrate you how to install PyDev which is a plug in you can use within the Eclipse environment used to develop Python programs. Section 1: Install PyDev: This is the Eclipse integrated development environment and the first thing […]

In this video demonstration, you will be able to learn how to create an XML document and print it to the console as well as  write it to a file using a module called ElementTree. To begin with the process of creating an XML document, you need to make sure that you have the PyDev […]

In this free Python Training video tutorial you will learn how work with python data types. Python lists and tuples are both sequences - they allow you to reference an item by its index number. If they are so similar, then why do we have two different data types? The difference is that a Python list is mutable, whereas a Python tuple is immutable.