AA Gets Dual GDS Connectivity with New Amadeus Deal

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XML connectivity has gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years and the markup language has been used by invoicing systems around the world more frequently in recent times. Recently, American Airlines (AA) entered into a long-term agreement with Amadeus on a global distribution system (GDS) and obtained XML connectivity with Amadeus GDS. With this deal, American Airlines can boast of two different GDS connectivity based on XML. This gives AA the liberty to allow both the GDS to market the full range of seat prices offered by AA along with the a la carte products like Main Cabin Extra and Preferred Seats. This has benefited both American Airlines and its patrons in different ways.

Real Time Personalized Offers


One of the major targets of American Airlines was that it wanted to give its subscribers real time personalized offers on the go. But there were a lot of technological barriers that the company had to contend with. But with the advancement of XML connectivity and the new Amadeus deal, the company can now finally offer these personalized offers to its patrons. These types of offers have been known to significantly increase the sales of the airlines, which is why AA was so keen on getting this new deal closed as soon as possible. If you are taking XML training classes, you can actually discuss how the advancements in XML connectivity enabled AA to connect with two GDS simultaneously.

Running on a Tight Schedule

Although the deal with Amadeus was closed by American Airlines, the service was yet to be launched in full scale or made available for agents. Commenting on the same, the MD of distribution and sales operation for American Airlines, Cory Garner, said that the company is working with Amadeus closely to ensure that the agents have access to the system as soon as possible. But he declined to give a set deadline on when the service would actually go live.

Amadeus Working on Timelines and Implementation     

Representatives from Amadeus also said that they were working closely with AA to ensure that they get the timelines and the implementation of the GDS right before making the services live. They said that subscribers will not have any information about either the preferred seating types or the Main Cabin Extra premium service till the GDS goes live.

This ambitious venture by AA seems to have the dual benefit of increasing the business for AA while also facilitating convenience for the users.



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  1. Russell says

    This is great news I hope this will make travel easier for everyone. I wonder if this will mean anything for the cost of the tickets or anything like that. Thank you for posting this it is not something that you are going to find on the everyday news I am sure. Keep up the good work you did an excellent job on this post.

  2. Tony says

    I think they should boast about this not many airlines can offer what they are talking about and that would cause many people to change airlines I would bet. Keep posting this kind of information though and pretty soon they won’t have to boast about it because this is going to spread like a rumor anyway. Keep up the good work you did a great job here.

  3. Matthew says

    This is great post and I am sure that there were many people out there that didn’t have a clue that this was going on. You have done a great job and I love the work that you have put into this. I am looking forward to the most recent posts that you do and I am going to share them with my friends and family. Thank you for the work you have done.

  4. Cathy says

    I have been a proponent of XML for many years mainly because it is such a flexible, adaptive language for transferring categorized data. I like that you can export from popular software programs such as Outlook into the XML format and then transfer your data file contents into some other application. I am just sorry it is not more popular. One thing is for sure: I’m willing to take courses related to XML with much more confidence than other types of courses.