Subscription Pricing Offered for On-Premises IaaS by Oracle

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Oracle Now Offering Subscriptions

Oracle Training CoursesPreviously, when you purchased products that required licensing from Oracle, you had to pay a fee upfront. This fee, also known as the licensing fee, was a one-time payment that you had to make for the products. The methodology was applicable for Infrastructure as a Service product also.

However, Oracle seems to have made some changes to this licensing procedure recently. Instead of the onetime upfront payment, you have to subscribe for the services and pay for them on a monthly basis, just like your satellite TV connection. This new move by Oracle is to ensure that organizations with smaller budgets also have access to some of the expensive Oracle services.

What are the IaaS Services?

If you have been learning about Oracle DBA applications, you must be well aware why some of the Oracle services are not feasible for small companies with a limited budget. The onetime licensing fee is pretty high, more for some products than others. But Oracle has come up with a novel idea to overcome this situation. They have packaged a set of services, all familiar and widely used products, into what is called as an IaaS package, short for Infrastructure as a Service. This package can be subscribed by paying a monthly subscription fee.

Oracle Responsible for Integration and Configuration of Different Elements of Package

Wondering how you can integrate all these services and configure them to suit your needs? You don’t have to worry about that. Oracle has taken up the responsibility of configuring the products according to the needs of its customers.

The company will also help you with the deployment of these products in a way that is beneficial to your organization.

Products Included in the Package

The products in the IaaS package are something that you are very familiar with. There is the Exadata Database Machine, Exalytics In-Memory Machine, SPARC SuperCluster, Exalogic Elastic Cloud, and Sun ZFS Storage Appliance.

The SPARC SuperCluster in this package will run on Solaris 11 and will include sixteen SPARC processors working in tandem if required. Also, each of these processors will have eight cores each.

Oracle has termed this package as ‘infrastructure’ support, something that only refers to storage and servers. This has redefined what you call as infrastructure in today’s world. It includes a set of custom engineered products that facilitate easy operation of your company.

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