Linux Computers Make a Comeback through Chromebooks

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Google ChromebooksRetail computers with Linux operating systems were a thing of the past. But thanks to Chromebooks, they are making a comeback. Google announced that its latest series of Chromebooks, Samsung Series 5 Chromebook and Series 3 Chromebox will be available in the retail market shortly. You might want to consider taking Linux training courses as Linux based PCs might become the in-thing in the near future

You might also be wondering how these PCs might fare in today’s market considering Microsoft Windows has an iron grip on the consumer PC OS market. But does it? When Microsoft released windows Vista, users were stumped by its complicated settings and other details that Microsoft had added to make it more attractive. In the end, the aversion to Vista grew so much that people started buying home edition of the XP operating system. Microsoft also realized their folly and sold XP at below MRP prices. The latest from the company, Windows 8 has not been well received by its users either.

But the big question is will Linux based systems survive in today’s world. Surprisingly, stats say that they might. Google is a more dominant force in today’s market than it was 5 years ago. It has earned a reputation not only for its Android operating system, but also for the host of other services.

Also, you can now use the Chrome OS without connecting to the internet . Changes had been made in Google mail long ago, which allowed using it in offline mode also. Google also made some adjustments which allowed users to use Google Docs in offline mode. Google has announced that  in the future, it will make some changes to allow all its other services also to be used offline. This will provide the much needed push for the Chrome OS, and you don’t have to be surprised if it takes the world by storm.



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  1. Marcus says

    This is good to know. I hesitate to take a course without knowing whether it will pay off in the future, but I suppose that is the essence of being ahead of the curve. I guess taking some risk is unavoidable. You have to be willing to pay the price and risk failure or risk squandering time that could have been better spent in the pursuit of a better ideal. The reality is you cannot play it safe in life.

  2. Mike says

    There was a time not too long ago when it was a bad time to be a Linux website. After a September 2011 breach on and several other Linux Foundation web sites, it appeared that community site was down for quite a while as well. The reason for’s removal was not completely known, though it did not seem to be the result of an attack, but rather a planned renovation of the popular site.