Foundations Services Launched for Oracle by CSC

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Oracle by CSCCSC, which is one of the most reputed companies for technology-enabled business solutions, launched Foundation Services for Oracle on March 20, 2012. This tool will allow users to utilize Oracle software products and hardware for transforming their business tools to a computing infrastructure that is cloud based. Clients will be able to leverage the integrated stack from the applications-to-disk in an As a Service Model or in a traditional method. The tool will also include management software along with applications, middleware, database virtualization software, server and storage. Since middleware is an essential component of Functional Services, Oracle middleware training classes can be quite useful.

Advantages of Foundation Services

Vice President of Global System Integrator Alliances in Oracle, Michelle Montalvo, stated that engineered systems delivered by Oracle are designed in a manner so that customers can reduce their expenditure. While costs are reduced, performance and productivity goes up and the IT infrastructure complexity reduces. He also added that Foundation Services will make use of Oracle engineering to help customers in transforming their investments into Oracle as a Service system.

How does it work

The Foundation Services provided by CSC will guide the clients so that they can adapt easily to the cloud and the As a Service economy model. It will help customers in selecting the applications and then transforming them to establish a private cloud system. All this is done in a very efficient way to ensure that the business goals are not hampered. The Business First approach that CSC uses is reflected in Foundation Services as well. It evaluates the business processes going on at the enterprise level and then establishes the workload that will help in generating the maximum return on investment from cloud based services.

Performance of Foundation Services so far

The reference architecture mentioned above, along with the services accompanying it, has already been successfully used to help clients in creating their own cloud environments. Sreedhar Kajeepeta, who is the Vice President of CSC Global Technology Consulting, said that Foundation Services have gained a lot of traction with their customers as well as Oracle. He also states that CSC is carrying forward what they learnt from the success of Financial Services for Oracle. They are now focusing on particular-use cases along with delivery models like the Oracle Database as a Service (DBaaS). CSC will be deploying DBaaS before 2012 is over.

Developing a reference architecture that is demonstrable is a very important part of this offering. This architecture provisions for Oracle middleware, application, and infrastructure by using virtual instances. To best use this service you should opt for [Oracle middleware training classes]. Essentially, Foundation Services by CSC helps in formation of a dependable foundation for Oracle in an As a Service environment. It also acts as a shop for runtime and development environments which can be deployed to private and trusted clouds. It provides environment footprint templates which help in accelerating the deployment of the environment. Most importantly, enterprise level business applications can be transformed to a cloud infrastructure.


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  1. Richard says

    Well I am glad that you mentioned there is a class because I will have to take the class if I am going to understand this at all. I am the kind of person that has a dinosaur for a computer because the new stuff that comes out I just can’t keep up with. This was a very interesting article and I look forward to the class.

  2. Belinda says

    This is great news I have been trying to get the company I am with to go to a software that is cloud based and they didn’t see the benefit to the expense. I have not been able to come up with enough information to prove it was a good idea, but this will help me do just that. I will show them this and maybe talk them into watching some of the training. Thanks

  3. John says

    You have a really good article here that I am going to give my boss the link so they can check this out. I use a software on my computer at home that is somewhat like this and I use Cloud as a back up program. The boss is old school and doesn’t believe in this stuff but I am going to try to convince him with your article. Thank you so much.

  4. William says

    I know that over the years, Oracle platform has been the industry standard for data management and database management and data mining. For more than a decade, I have been seeing plenty of ads in the classified job ad section of newspapers for database managers with experience in the Oracle platform. So it doesn’t surprise me at all to hear about the many advantages of migrating to this platform on cloud servers. It’s the way of the future.

  5. Richard says

    You don’t know much about technology if you don’t realize that the future of all data storage, whether it is for business or personal use, is cloud servers. For the time being, we are still using flash cards and large capacity portable hard drives. But think about it, savvy computer users have moved away from storing their data on the same hard drive that runs their OS. One day, cloud server storage will be free.

  6. David says

    Cloud servers for storage and web hosting are the way of the future. It is good for both uses because if there is ever a natural disaster in your area, such as a hurricane or earthquake or a tornado or a flood, pure data storage device is not in jeopardy. if you utilize a good cloud server company, they will have multiple servers in different regions so that if one region is affected the data remains safe.

  7. Daniel says

    We need more training courses that are effective in helping less technically inclined persons – those who are not naturally hard coders – to better assimilate and comprehend a programming language, whatever it may be. Oracle has long been the standard for data mining and logic. So I am quite sure there are many network administrators who are trying to get certified in Oracle. God knows there are many jobs in the classified section of my newspaper.

  8. Kevin says

    What I do know from working in the IT sector as a web developer and designer, is that Oracle is the world’s most complex, robust and flexible database, considered impossible to master without a mentor. One of the things (among many) that I would like to learn about scripting Oracle, is how to deploy the copy file method to clone an Oracle database on Linux machine to a Windows server? This stuff is as difficult as programming.

  9. Edward says

    Oracle may soon fully transition away from the much-maligned, Flash-based version of its support portal over to a new HTML edition next week, according to an official blog post on Thursday. They will upgrade the HTML version of My Oracle Support “with additional functionality that will allow those users remaining on the Flash-based user interface to switch over to the HTML version. Is this training program designed to train persons to use this particular system?